Mia & BellaDeb is the best dog  walker you’ll ever find for your pet.  She loves dogs and they love her.  I can always depend on her to give my dog Bella a great workout and if my daughter’s dog Mia is visiting, she’s happy to take her along too. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give her 10 Woofs!

-Mary/Richard (Mia & Bella)

Rascal loves to party at Tina’s

IMG_4963My 9 year old Yorkie requires a lot of TLC. He doesn’t get along with other dogs, he has a few health issues that need attention, and he doesn’t like being left behind. He absolutely loves staying with Tina and gets excited as soon as we turn the corner to her house and happily runs to her door. Tina is the most caring and affectionate dog sitter that you could ask for. She follows Rascal’s routine to the letter, administers food and medications, walks him frequently, and has his bedding and food bowls clean and tidy when we pick him up. She also sends regular text updates on how he is doing, including pictures of his daily activities. Knowing that your furry family member is content and well cared for while you are away, certainly makes it easier to enjoy your vacation from the first moment. We highly recommend Tina for anyone considering boarding of their pet.

Eileen (Rascal)

IMG_5318We have been using Deb’s Purr-fect Pet Sitting for over four years. Our dogs, Lola and Daisy, not only enjoy going to “Auntie Tina’s” but we are comforted knowing they are well taken care of in a safe and loving home.  Tina is very thoughtful and always sends us regular updates and photos when we’re away, so we know our girls are happy.  Both Deb and Tina are flexible with scheduling and very responsive.  We highly recommend Tina and Deb’s Purr-fect Pet Sitting!

-Mary/Joe (Lola & Daisy)

IMG_5323I met the lovely ladies of Deb’s Purr-fect Pet Sitting on one of my morning walks with my boys about a year ago and we all instantly connected. Sheldon, the Terrier mix warms up to everyone right away, Chip, the Jack Russell mix, although friendly – takes his time building trust. Chip would not let anyone but me put on his harness, so you can image the smile in my heart when I received a text from Tina – that I forgot to leave his harness on, but not to worry, Chip let her put the harness on! Honestly, this was a huge milestone for Chip – to give his trust to another human being. If you are looking for a dog walker or sitter – look no further! Your babies are in loving and trusting hands with Tina!

-Veronica (Sheldon & Chip)

IMG_3047 (1)Deb has to be the most amazing pet sitter I have yet to meet. My husband and I could not have children so our dog, Frankie, is literally our child. When Deb visits us in Las Vegas, she gives Frankie every bit of her love and affection. We have offered to fly Deb here to Vegas to take care of Frankie while we travel, because she is the only Pet Sitter we trust. My dog is very picky being a Morkie mix and she is so happy whenever Deb comes to visit. We do not give recommendations unless they are deserved and this recommendation is well deserved. Deb is not only very professional and a class act, but is part of the family to Frankie. We recommend her 110%.

-Tina/Stuart (Frankie)

IMG_4983My fur babies love getting their walks from Tina and Deb. I have used their services since 2011 and been impressed with their attention, reliability and flexibility, particularly when I had last minute schedule changes.

Tina walks my dogs the most, and they love her. A couple of times there were issues with the dogs (one dog acting sick) or the house (open backdoor) and Tina notified me right away.

I feel very comfortable that my dogs and my house are in good hands.

-Lindsey (Gypsy & Gus)

IMG_5316We used to feel guilty about leaving our babies at a dog kennel. Now we routinely board them at Tina’s house (Deb’s assistant). No more cages and guilt.

Tina provides lots of love & care and a very clean environment. The service is reasonably priced, provides flexible drop-off/pickup times, and very professional.

-Calvin (Doi Doi & Nui Nui)

Deb’s Purr-fect Pet Sitting has been a lifesaver for us. Once, while our cats were being cared for by Darlene and we were out of town, onPollock, Ellie & Kirae of them needed emergency surgery. Darlene was amazing at taking care of our sick kitty – going above and beyond to make sure she was safe and well cared for. Our kitty was much less stressed than if she would have been left at the vet and had a wonderful recovery. We always rely on Deb’s Purr-fect Pet Sitting for our most loved family members!

-Kelsey/Brice (Ellie & Kira)

We have 3 very active dogs and one with a food allergy.Dogs_2014 Deb is able to keep with them all and make sure they each get the right food and medicine.  The dogs absolutely adore her.

-Linda/John (Venture, Makai & Molly)

Pamela watched my 3 month old puppy for 10 days while I was on vacation.  Although, I was a bit nervous leaving my puppy with anyone, Pamela was simply outstanding, she would text daily letting me know just how well Daisy was doing and how happy she was.   I received updates on her eating habits, her bathroom habits and their playtime.  Pam treated Daisy so well, I will continue to ask her to watch Daisy when I go on vacation or have to leave the house to run errands.  Pamela is one of the best dog sitters I have ever used and I would highly recommend her to anyone who would require dog sitting services.Daisy

-Cathy (Daisy)

Deb has been our pet sitter for several years, now. We are SO lucky to have found her! She is wonderful!

She is hard working–we have 4 cats!! Our one cat, Iris, just LOVES her–she is always so happy to see her. Deb is very caring, dependable and always goes that extra mile.

When we are away, we can relax and know that our cats are in good hands!IMG_3434

-Karen & Steve (Phantom, Bengal & Siberia, Iris)Karen's cats

LeFevre, LucyLucy loves when Darlene comes to take care of her. Darlene knows that Lucy enjoys toys with feathers, and she always brings special toys with feathers just for her. Darlene also always sends pictures and an update after each visit, so we know that everything is really fine at home.

-Ann/Kiev (Lucy)

LeFevre, LotusLotus looks forward to Darlene’s visits. He likes to entertain her with his antics, get snuggles from her, and he knows he can count on her prompt feedings. He also enjoys the toys she brings along, and we always appreciate getting the cute pictures and text messages assuring us that everything is okay when we’re away.

-Ann/Kiev (Lotus)

MurphyI have used Connie with Deb’s Purr-fect Pet Sitting for the last four years and always felt my dog Murphy was in the best hands. She’s warm hearted and just loves my dog. I never leave him with anyone else because my dog is my best friend. God bless Connie for loving my best friend the way I do.

-Ed (Murphy)

Harder, Jasmine We feel so lucky to have discovered Deb’s Purr-fect Pet Sitting. For the last 3 years Darlene has been taking excellent care of our kitties every timeHarder, Cloe we go on vacation. It’s clear that Darlene is kind and caring with our cats. Now I go on vacation with peace of mind knowing our cats and our house will be just fine when we return. I highly recommend Deb’s Purr-fect Pet Sitting.

-Aruna/Alan (Jasmine & Chloe)

Poynter, Hazel 1We were referred to Deb and her great team by friends when we first brought home our cat Edie, and our home has since grown to also include a sweet old dog named Hazel. While we have friends and family who would be happy to help care for our pets, we travel regularly and do not wish to impose on them so frequently.

We’ve met several wonderful people through Deb’s Purr-fect Pet Sitting, and have grown very fond of Darlene, who has become our main partner. Darlene, as well as the entire team, loves and cares for our pets as we would and this gives us the confidence to head out of town knowing our pets are well taken care of. Poynter, Edie 2Darlene and the team keep us up-to-date on our animals’ well-being, and send us pictures and notes while we are away—a wonderful treat when you’re away from home and missing your pets. Everyone at Deb’s is attentive and responsible, and we never worry about our little girls when they are in her care. We highly recommend using Deb’s Purr-fect Pet Sitting when you need help taking care of your pets.

-Leah/Colby (Edie & Hazel)

Nason, Caius 1 Nason, Nero 1Darlene has been caring for our cats, Nero and Caius, while we are away, for the past 3 years, and she does a wonderful job. The cats can be quite shy around new people, but they like and trust Darlene, and are very comfortable with her. Darlene sends us photos of the cats playing with their toys, and lounging around outside, and we appreciate that she spends so much time with them. Darlene also leaves notes about how they did, and whether we are low on any supplies. She replies promptly to texts, and watches for a text from us once we are home so that she knows we made it home to the cats. We have never been turned down for dates requested, even on the couple occasions when we have needed help at the last minute. We love our cats very much and feel very safe leaving them in Darlene’s capable and caring hands.

-Michelle/Nathan (Nero & Caius)

DJ cute SallyI have used Deb’s Purr-Fect Pet Sitting service for years, ever since Deb began in the pet sitting business.  Deb or her helpers have cared for my cats all through the years. They carefully gave pills, brushed and combed long and short fur, fed wet and dry foods, and attended to litter boxes. When asked, they brought in mail and watered plants. I could always rely on them. Now they even send pictures and notes through email so no matter where I am, I can keep tabs on my companions. Deb and her helpers have always been careful and reliable and I would not hesitate to recommend Deb’s Purr-fect Pet Sitting service.

-Mary (Sally & DJ)