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Call us for those times when you can't be there for them!

Deb's Purr-fect Pet Sitting offers professional pet care in many areas of the Peninsula to the South Bay. The rates are affordable and excellent references are available upon request. You may also read testimonials from our clients.

About Deb & her Assistants:

Deb has been doing overnight pet sitting, cat sitting and dog walking since the year 2000. Deb is licensed, insured, bonded (assistants work under Deb) and qualified to provide excellent care for your pet(s) and your home. Deb is also a member of "Pet Sitter's International" (PSI).

Pet sitting is our full time job, so we will be able to accommodate you any time during the day while you work. If you need someone to walk/run or exercise your dogs while you work long hours, we are what you are looking for. Or, if you have a cat that needs some TLC, we will be there to give them love. Animals are not meant to be alone as they need people around to give them love and affection around the clock. We are very sincere people with a deep passion for dogs and cats and have years of experience with them.

If you feel you need a trustworthy pet sitter or dog walker, please email your contact information and what services you request.

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Deb's Purr-fect Pet Sitting offers you peace of mind by providing an alternative to boarding, or having to rely on family members and friends, for your pet's care. We're available 365 days a year to care for your pets in the comfort of their own home or in my assistant's homes. Maintaining your pet's routine is our specialty.

We offer dog walking, puppy potty breaks, cat visits, in-home overnight sitting, pet boarding, pet taxi to the groomer, vet and/or trainer, house sitting, pet boarding and more. Do you have any special requests? Please let us know. We also are available to run errands associated with your pet. Run out of food or treats, won't be able to run to the store? Give us a call! It will be at home waiting for you.

While you are away, whether it is for a day, week, month or ongoing, some of the services provided are:

  • Feed and provide fresh water for your pet(s).
  • Play with and exercise your pet(s) - daily walks, etc.
  • Administer medications and vitamins.
  • Clean and maintain litter boxes, cages, etc.
  • Collection and disposal of waste.
  • Transportation to/from the vet or groomer.
  • Dog Park excursions.
  • Pet Boarding - We want the pets to feel right at home.
  • Lots of love and personalized attention for your pet(s).
  • Daily report of your pet(s) activities while you are away.

Deb's Purr-fect Pet Sitting Service,
while taking care of your pet(s),
will gladly provide the following house services:

  • Water your indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Bring in your mail and newspapers.
  • Put out trash cans/recycle bins and bring them back in.
  • Alternate and adjust your lights, blinds and/or draperies.
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